Hi my name is Alli, and I've just graduated from La Salle/AI Vancouver's 3D Modeling for Video Games & Animation program. I am from a ski town known as Vail, Colorado. Despite my athletic town & background, I found my true passion in art. I drew constantly (and literally) from inspirations such as DC, Disney, Harry Potter, and 90's animes. I came across Vancouver on a road trip and fell in love with the city and its wonderful like-minded people. While there, I had found AI Vancouver and the 3D Modeling for Video Games and Animation program. As I attended, I developed my love of modeling in Maya, sculpting in Zbrush, painting textures in Mari, lighting with renderman/vray/mental ray, and creating hair with XGen. With these digital skills, plus the traditional skills I learned at my previous school in Laguna Beach, California, I feel that I have gathered (and am still gathering) a great tool bag of knowledge that all work together to make me a better artist than ever before and a great and unique team member.


Geeky artist (& cosplayer) who has tendencies of also liking some sports but mostly hockey, travelling, good brews+food, skiing, animals, Halloween & going on adventures

Able to work individually & in a team, methodical, organized, punctual, hard working, committed, fast learner, fun, helpful, easy going,  passionate, diligent, ambitious, reliable, honest, & loyal.